001_breeder_a Artist: Breeder
Title:NEW YORK FM/Tyrantanic
Release Date: 2000
Label: Rhythm Syndicate
Catalog: BUFF001Tracklist:
A-NEW YORK FM (Van Bellen Remix)
B-Tyrantanic (Slacker’s Kingdom Come Mix)A



This is an amazing record that includes remixes of two of Breeder’s hits. But, of course, every Breeder record was a hit. I just wish they kept releasing music. Although their discography is somewhat limited, most of their music was showcased on phenomenal mix albums such as the Global Underground series (appeared on several of them) and Sasha and Digweed’s Northern Exposure.

Simon Noble and Rowan Blades, the two artists that formed Breeder, have released other music through various aliases such as Mezz (Noble and Bill Hamel of Sunkissed Records) and Pariah (Blades and Gaetan Schurrer).

The first track, “NEW YORK FM”, is remixed by German producer Van Bellen. Van Bellen is most likely better known by the name Jörg Querner, making up half of the group Saints & Sinners (“Pushin Too Hard”).

On the flip side is a remix of Tyrantanic by Slacker (Shem McCauley), an artist who has numerous original works as well as remixes for groups such as Ascension (“Someone Like You”) and The Prodigy (“Smack My Bitch Up”). A personal favorite of mine is his remix of Trancesetters’ “Roaches”, entitled “Bugs In Slacker’s Basement Remix”. It’s a relentless, driving progressive house track that, to this day, will undoubtedly get you hyped (I don’t mean in the EDM way).